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Terms of Service & Conditions

Placing an Order

By placing an order on the Ameos Eyewear website, you automatically agree to the store's policies. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the address provided when ordering is correct. Please take a moment to read our policies on the section Delivery, Return & Exchange or clicking ''here''.


Privacy & Cookie Policy

Our Privacy & Cookie Policy is based and complies fully with the European Union regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. When you purchase something from our store, contact us, or sign up for the newsletter, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and e-mail address. We won’t collect more information than what we actually need to make the experience for you as a buyer as seamless as possible.

In order to offer you a more personal shopping experience, we use cookies. Information is collected when you visit our different pages, make a purchase or sign up for our newsletter. We will always respect your privacy and protect your information. We never share information about our customers with any third parties. Ameos Eyewear does not have access to any of your payment information. All payments are processed by verified and registered financial institutions.

What data we store and for what reason?

Ameos Eyewear AB collect user data solely to offer you a more interactive and personal shopping experience. The following indicates when and why we collect your data:

    • When making a purchase - we collect your contact information (name, address, e-mail and phone number).
    • When you sign up for our newsletter - we collect your contact information (name, e-mail and address) to send you information about discounts, news, events and other relevant marketing information.
    • When contacting us on our contact page/support e-mail - we collect your name, e-mail address, name . Furthermore, we collect your IP-address, Geo-IP, shopping cart and browser information in order to assist you in a more efficient way with the issue or question occured.

    Who will have access to the data collected?

    The data will only be shared within Ameos Eyewear AB. All our third parties (such as our e-mail service provider and support software) are encrypted and GDPR compliant, which means that they can store our data but will never have access to view or download your personal data.

    We may share your personal information with our suppliers and other third party services that perform functions on our behalf. They may process your data in countries both inside and outside of the EU/EES.

    Data won’t be shared with third parties except

    • If any authorities on statutory grounds would need the data, and if applicable law requires so, we should give them the personal information needed. For example, if they are tracking criminal activities or protecting public security.
    • If any authorized partners needs specific information in order to complete your purchase. These could be our logistic partners (for delivery), payment partners (to complete the transaction), IT partners such as hosting, customer service and order management services.

    Our consent to store the data

    We get your contact information and information regarding which products you have ordered when you either sign up for our newsletter, reach out to our support e-mailor place an order.

    We will clearly show you what you sign to receive and what your data will be used for when signing up.

    Right of data access, erasure and rectification

    You have the right to know why, what and where your personal data is being processed. You also have the right to get access to the personal data we store.

    If you for any reason don’t want us to store your data, you have the right to withdraw your consent of personal data being processed by Ameos Eyewear AB.

    This applies to all collection of data except the following cases:

    • Your order hasn’t been processed and shipped yet
    • You have an process with our customer service
    • We have to keep your personal info in connection to your transaction for bookkeeping purposes.

    If we for any reason have inaccurate data about you, you have the right to request us to complete the incomplete data. 

    How long do we keep your data?

    We will keep your personal data for as long as necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected. Your data will not be stored longer than what is needed to provide the services, if no legal obligations require us to store it for longer.


    We use cookies to elevate the personal shopping experience we offer. Here are all types of cookies that we are using:

      • Basic functions - they increase your shopping by saving for example what you added to cart while browsing through our website or if you want to come back later to purchase your saved item. We use these cookies to make the experience more seamless to you.
      • Customer preference cookies - these ones save for example which language you prefer, your location etc. to make the experience more suitable and personal.
      • Analytics cookies - these cookies measure how users engage with our site. We use analytics to see which pages performs best so we can create engaging and optimized content to help you find what you’re looking for in a faster way and less clicks. 
      • Targeting and advertising cookies - these cookies makes it possible for us to show you relevant ads on social media and other places online based on which pages on our sites you have visited. We also use these cookies to limit the frequency (for example how many times per month) you see our ads, to prevent it from being overexposed.

      By using our site, you agree to letting us put cookies on your device which will also be used in the future when you revisit our sites.

      Completing a purchase 

      (Lawful basis: contractual necessity)

      Purpose of data collection:

      • Delivery & returns of the ordered item(s).
      • Processing payment and credit checks.

      Types of personal data:

      • Name, e-mail, address and phone number.
      • Payment information.
      • Order information (items and quantity)


      (Lawful basis: legitimate interests)

      Purpose of data collection:

      • Sending information to customers and subscribers regarding discounts, news, event or other relvant marketing information.

      Types of personal data:

      • Name, address, e-mail and phone number
      • Payment information
      • Order information (items and quantity)

      Customer support

      (Lawful basis: legitimate interests)

      Purpose of data collection:

      • Handling customers and visitors complaints, feedback, orders, returns among other support requests.
      • Communicating through e-mail, social media and contact page on website.

      Types of personal data:

      • Contact information (name, e-mail and phone number).
      • IP address, geo IP, shopping cart and browser information to help assist with issues or concerns on our website when contact is made through or contact page online.

      Contact us

      Ameos Eyewear AB is responsible for your personal data and cookies. Our company’s registration number is 559237-0620 and has VAT number SE559237062001. Our registered warehouse is located in Murarvägen 7, 132 38, Saltsjö-boo, Sweden. Please contact us at if you have any questions about our process of personal data, about this data protection policy or about cookies.