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World in Colors

Ameos takes inspiration from the sport of skeet shooting, where color tinted lenses are crucial for the shooter to see and hit the clay targets. The colored lenses have a beneficial impact on increasing contrast, color recognition and depth of vision during different weather conditions and backgrounds. How looking through colors could shape what and how we perceive things made the founder & designer, Tony Lehtimäki fascinated by the concept and led to the establishment of Ameos in late 2020.

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Expressing creativity

We want to put emphasis on expressing yourself in the way you want to transmit by playing with colors and your own creativity. Breaking the existing stereotype that certain colors are associated with gender by empowering a carefree approach and exploring new ways of expressing - beyond your own comfort zone. We do not see boundaries and truly believe that the only thing preventing you from having a unique style is your own creativity.

Alter ego & personality

Ameos has been created as an alter ego and a reflection of inspiration and ideas mixed with a creative approach. The brand has therefore developed itself naturally without any forced changes from other input and has been shaped in the way that has felt right. Each model of our collections has its own personality and the color selection has been based on the personality that Ameos wants to transmit and visualizes the “person”. Giving them personalities makes every model unique, just like we all are.

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Made with love

All of our eyewear has been handmade in Italy by expert artisans following traditional craftsmanship. The developing process follows more than 30 different steps, resulting in eyewear that expresses authenticity and passion. Every pair has been crafted with biodegradable acetate, an eco-friendly material known for its strength, flexibility and range of colors. Equipped with CR-39 & nylon lenses with an anti-scratch coating and 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays, to always give you a clear & colorful vision.