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20/20 Europe Magazine
Ameos New Optical Launch From Sweden

Ameos have announced the launch of their first line of glasses, showing for the first time at Opti in January. The brand, which has focused on sunglasses to date, was first founded in late 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.



The Next Cartel

The Next Cartel Ameos Eyewear

Eyewear has a special place among the world of accessories. Not only does it give one the chance to show off their style, a pair of glasses also provides a real-life filter through which to see the world...


Vogue Magazine

Vouge Fashion Week Ameos Eyewear

The fashion marathon is gaining momentum, and this season many Ukrainian brands are taking an active part in it. The beginning of September was marked by Fashion Week in Budapest...

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Metal Magazine Expanding Horizons Ameos Eyewear

Ameos now lands in a spectacular space where luxury designers, streetwear and contemporary fashion span across two floors, bringing their creations even closer to an ever-growing public...

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XMAG Belinda Amoes Eyewear

Belinda is the queen of Latin pop, without a doubt she has marked the lives of many adolescents who are now adults. She returns to Spain in a big way with an upcoming premiere on Netflix that will leave more than one freaking out...

Metal Magazine
Metal Magazine Chameleonic Identity Ameos Eyewear

Beyond the aesthetic sense or surprising design, what is truly remarkable about eyewear is the meaning it has. It's intrinsic relationship with the gaze goes hand in hand with how we interpret and understand the world...

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XMAG Ameos Eyewear

 Sometimes it is difficult to find that accessory we need to give the last stamp of personality to our looks. Personally, I am an inveterate wearer of glasses, but I like fun glasses that have personality. Some time ago I discovered AMEOS...


Good2b Ameos Eyewear

Diseñadas con cariño por su joven fundador, Tony Lehtimäki, las gafas de sol de Ameos Eyewear están hechas a mano en Italia y constituyen un puente entre el universo de las gafas de sol, la creatividad y la moda...